Fighting for the Wisconsin 1st Congressional district

I’m Josh. I’m a businessperson and Kenosha-native, and I’m running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

When I was only 14, my dad passed away from a heart attack and my family was suddenly left without our sole breadwinner. As the oldest of three siblings, I worked to support the family. Shortly after my mom graduated from college at age fifty-two, she passed away from lung cancer. I fought through these tragedies, put myself through college and law school, and forged a successful career in business.

I’m running for Congress to be a voice for the many families like mine — that are one family death, illness, or job loss away from losing everything.

Wisconsin families are working long hours and multiple jobs because wages aren’t keeping up with the skyrocketing costs of health care premiums, prescription drugs, and childcare.

Washington Politicians have made things worse by stripping protections for people with preexisting conditions, ensuring big pharma can charge whatever they want for lifesaving medicine, and passing a fiscally reckless tax handout to the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations.

I am rooted in my experience as a career businessman, not a career politician. I am driven by the experience of losing both my parents too early in life, not being able to afford healthcare and working to put food on the table for my younger siblings.

I know that my story is the story of so many Wisconsin families, and it’s them that I will fight for every day in Congress. I’m refusing all money from corporate political action committees (PACs) — as your Congressman, I’ll answer only to you.